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Making people feel good through music

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Business Audio Systems
"Making people feel good"

You know the feeling that makes you tap your foot to great music? Or that makes you drive a little faster when listening to a good song? 

That is the feeling we strive for at Business Audio Systems.

Work better while listening to the radio. Communicate clearly during a video call. Presenting intelligibly in a room. Welcoming customers with relaxing background sound.

We firmly believe in the power of well-designed business sound to produce good feelings in employees, guests, customers or visitors a good feeling.

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Is good sound natural?

"I don't think so"

Good sound is often taken for granted – but so often the reality is distracting radio, beeps and other irritating sounds. or video calls where sound keeps dropping. 

Bad sound causes irritation and loss of attention. 

Another major annoyance is an installation that’s complex to manage, with too many buttons or sliders, which means people prefer not to touch it. 

Business Audio Systems designs, supplies and installs audio systems designed for optimise space, use and method of operation. Our technology is always installed by an audio expert – someone who really understands sound.


Installation Partners

"They get it"

Business Audio Systems equipment is installed by Installation Partners: a group of trained and certified installation companies with a local focus, who have plenty to offer in their audiovisual installation package in addition to Business Audio Systems.

Business Audio Systems wie zijn wij

Business Audio Systems wie zijn wij

500 installations a year

"Now that's a serious number"

Every year we supply more than 500 sound systems in industrial halls, offices, catering establishments, canteens, shops, schools and many more spaces.

We are happy to work together with your electrical installer, technical service provider and IT supplier or department.

Our solutions come with a 5-year warranty.

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Our vision on audio systems

"A strategy to succeed"

Our goal is to offer our clients a powerful combination of carefully selected hardware, plus the right content

And there’s one other critical element. 

Your end result depends crucially on exactly how the hardware is installed and configured. This makes the most of the content, whether it’s music, broadcasting, soundscapes or speech.

These elements – hardware, content and installation – form a trinity that are inextricably linked. We believe that careful attention to all three is what produces a fantastic end result for every customer, in every room and in every environment.


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Business Audio Systems wie zijn wij

Business Audio Systems wie zijn wij

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